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I need a little help with a Christmas gift. - Jeff Baskin
I need a little help with a Christmas gift.
The actions of the past always affect the future.  Long ago, while we were still dating, I got Amanda a present.  That present is now causing me a great amount of trouble this Christmas.
When we first met, Amanda was strictly a "Star Trek" fan.  Though she also enjoyed reading Anne McCaffrey, her background was rather limited.  As we dated, I began introducing her to more of the things that I enjoyed, and this included some anime; specifically "Tenchi Muyo."  She had liked that series as well, and feel in love with the cabbit called Ryo-oki.  So when I was at a convention, I bought the plush toy as a gift. 

Unfortunately, that simple action is causing me problems for this Christmas.

As I have seen with most parents, any childhood toy that you hold onto will eventually be passed to the children.  Usually the reason is that the kids find the thing on their own, and begin playing with it.  Well that is what happened to Amanda's Ryo-oki doll.  It some how got mixed with the kid's stuffed animals, and eventually became their's.

After they had been playing with it for a while, the oldest daughter asked me where this strange little stuffed animal came from.  It wasn't quite a cat, nor was it a rabbit.  So I sat down and explained what it was to her, and that it came from a television series called "Tenchi Muyo."  She asked to see it.  So I dusted off the VCR, went through my tape boxes, and got the cleaner, television broadcast version that was called "The Tenchi Universe," and showed it to both my daughters. 

They fell in love with the cabbit.

The problem is that they both want the one toy, and the they have both wanted it so badly that it had to confiscated a few times to prevent fights.  They have been reminded several times that this was a toy that Daddy bought for Mommy.  However, my littlest one had come up with a solution.  She is going to ask Santa for her own Ryo-oki doll.  A doll that hasn't been on the market for almost a decade. 

So this year, Santa needs some help.  If there is anyone out there that knows where I can find a plush Ryo-oki doll, please let me know.  She isn't interested in the backpack, just the doll.  I would appreciate any lead that can be passed to Santa.


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