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Coloring the Flats of the Doctor Who Painting. - Jeff Baskin
Coloring the Flats of the Doctor Who Painting.

Originally published at art.jebas.us. You can comment here or there.

My shoulder is now feeling well enough to draw again, so I have painted in the flats for the fourth Doctor parody. For those of you that are not familiar with the term, the flats are solid pieces of color that cover an entire shape. The hat and coat are one solid color. The pants are another color, and the trim is another.

I might have made a mistake here, but I'm not sure yet. Since the scarf was made of four or five different colors, I painted out the strips in flats. Since the flats are used to select the sections of the painting later, I may have created more work for myself. I'll now have to select all of the individual scarf sections to select the entire scarf. Of course I thought of this after I was almost done painting the scarf.

It has been said many times. Art is a learning process, and I am no master.

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